Buy A Tee, Save Some Doggos  🐶

Buy A Tee, Save Some Doggos 🐶

HI! We did a fundraiser alongside Windmill City Screen Printing to benefit Palm Springs Animal Shelter and here's why:
 Palm Springs can't adopt out large dogs as often or as quickly as it takes them in. It's simple: The Palm Springs Animal Shelter can't take in as many larger dogs as they can adopt out. Which means dogs are being sent to kill shelters (guess what, it does not end well for them there). 

We're not asking you to adopt (although if you are interested please click the link to their IG!) we're just asking you to buy a tee shirt. The money will go towards building a larger facility and being able to buy more supplies to feed, house and care for these dogs. 

I'd like to thank Anthony from Palm Springs Animal Shelter and Glen Coy and the crew at Windmill City. 

Please support them: @palmspringsanimalshelter

Please check out Windmill City Screen Printing too. They are donating the tee shirts, their labor and time to this project. Glen approached me and the Animal Shelter with the idea to do something. And I'm so happy he thought of us. 

Get your shirts printed in Palm Springs here: @windmillcityscreenprinting

Tee is available for just a few more days.


Thank you!

Have a Nice Dystopia,
Mikey and Hulk
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