Help A Dog Out 🐶❤️‍🩹

Help A Dog Out 🐶❤️‍🩹

Use code HULKFOREVER for 30% off at checkout! 

Here’s why we’re doing a sale:

My dog Hulk is battling cancer . . . Again. Some of you old school fans know that he got cancer 3 years ago and was successful in his fight against it then. Unfortunately cancer often has a way of never fully going away and on June 11th his lymphoma came back in the form of a nasal tumor. It’s also shown signs of being in his lymph nodes. We’ve done the radiation, and now we’re on to chemo. If anyone can beat it, my little beefcake can.

If you know Hulk you already know he’s one of the most positive dogs you’ll ever meet. He’s just an upbeat happy guy, and anyone and any dog who meets him loves him. He’s my rock. Out of my four dogs he’s the one I’ve been thru the most with. I just adore the big guy.

I am doing a sale to help with Hulk’s vet bills, which are many and steep. Luckily he has insurance, but it only covers so much. I appreciate you considering helping out. I really do.

Please buy a tee or two or more for Hulk. Use code HULKFOREVER at checkout for 30% off at checkout.

Thanks so much. Your support means the world to me.

Oh and we brought back our favorite grey shorts ever, a few new items and a couple classic @aziritt collabs.


Mikey, Georgie, Cookie, Berry and the big guy himself, Hulk
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