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Hey I just wanted to say what’s up and Happy New Year!

Couple big announcements too: New merch coming SOON!!! Stay tuned on the ol instagram. I’m hyped on the new releases and think they reflect the fact that I have had more TIME to dedicate to Boss Dog lately. Hope you like em too! Also super thankful to Brady from @mixedspecies for doing a lot of my silk screening. If you need good work, he’s your dude! I am excited to start 2019 in a much simpler place. Life has been pretty hectic as of late. These past few years I feel like I tried to be too many things and wear too many hats. I am happy (oh and also nervous as all hell!) to say that I simplified my life this year and am only pursuing the stuff that I love: doing Boss Dog full time! Ever since I was a screamo/hardcore/punk rocker kid in my 20s (I lived in my van and refused to buy a cell phone much less do social media — oh how times have changed 😂) I’ve wanted to fully do my own thing. Since those early days in Portland I have teamed up with some talented folks and been a part of creating some cool bands, bars and restaurants, and even a really kick ass art and design collective. Along the way I managed to kick a gnarly drug and alcohol habit, clean up my life and become a mature (sort of) and nice (I’m nice now damn it!) adult — and I married the sweetest lady who I love a ton (hi Sam!)! But I think all of us always wonder what we want to be when we “grow up” and I am no different. I still feel like I’m trying to get my life figured out haha. But that’s what keeps life fun. I hope I’ll still be figuring it all out when I’m 80! Shit, I hope I live to be 80! One thing that’s been missing for me is to just go for it by myself. I am so thankful for the talented creative people I’ve collaborated with over the years—especially my time with Sizzle Pie and Pizza Party HQ. But it’s been long overdue that I go do my own thing. This year I started that process. And next year, it’s all Boss Dog full time! So! In 2019 I will be riding full time as Boss Dog. I will be rebuilding my website (shout out to Matt Blanks!) and taking control of my own fulfillment and shipping and handling. I have left my roles with Sizzle Pie and Pizza Party HQ to go solo, and I’ll be pouring all of my energy in to whatever comes of that! So stay tuned, thank you for your friendship (and patience!) and here’s to a kick ass 2019! Thanks for riding with me!Cheers! Mikey Boss Dog DEC. 29 2018