Two New Ones 👀

Two New Ones 👀

Congrats to the Lakers for managing to win a game in which both teams played horribly last night. Good luck in Memphis. Yr gonna need it.

The WL Hotel is the first project that I asked Lindsay Shutt to work on with me last fall. We never quite finished it while the show was on so we set it aside. However, after the disappointment of earlier this week, we revisited the design and put the finishing touches on it. I love this design so much and it was a blast working on this with Lindsay. Also: I just want to just formally welcome Lindsay Shutt to Boss Dog again. She's part operations, admin, design, art, creative and all around AMAZING! Check her out here: @cherryshampoo

There was also some hotly contested debate about whether or not Succession is the best HBO show since Sopranos. I stand by what I said. Although I admit White Lotus IS PRETTY PRETTY . . . PRETTY GOOD! Along with a few others!

Sports and Pop culture is fun and we like fun. It doesn't all have to be heavy. We are living in a modern day dystopia. Might as well live a little!

The WL Hotel tee is a presale and will only be up for a few days. 

The Lifers tee was limited to 150 total made. Grab one while you can!


Thank you !

Have a Nice Dystopia,
Mikey, Hulk and Georgie
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