We're Gonna Have A TV Party Tonight! 🎉

We're Gonna Have A TV Party Tonight! 🎉

Hi! SO PSYCHED on our TV Party Collection. It's a Pre-Sale and you have from now until April 25th to order.

If you already ordered a WL Hotel tee, THANK YOU!

Here's two more. 

We waited a week on this because we thought there might be some controversy looming about one of the actors, but after a week of scouring Reddit message boards we haven't seen much and no real news or allegations have surfaced. So, we're in the clear! Let's party!

All Presale tees will ship by May 3rd. If you order a non presale tee with a presale tee they will ship out with the presale tees.

Thank you for your support!

I believe that we are existing in a modern dystopia in real time. So, we need to be nice to each other, not take shit so seriously, and remember to laugh. And also wear cool tee shirts because hey, you can't take it with you! Don't look back on this moment in time and realize you were a close minded dick who had no fun (say, two years from now when we are in a global feud for resources).

Anyhoo, have a Nice Dystopia!
Mikey, Hulk and Georgie

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